Monday, February 29, 2016

happy leap day

such a special day you know..only comes every four years
heard that on the radio enough today ha

Arie wanted to party with streamers 
toilet paper streamers will have to do according to him

what mama!  you left the door open

and I thought he was playing in the shoe bucket!

tricked me again

so happy leap day from Arie!  

Sunday, February 28, 2016

when the papa

is away 
we play A LOT together
aka he is stuck with just me :) 

what have we done in our 2 of 8 days

had to take one before papa left
Arie climbed up and was just hanging with the papa
makes the mamas heart melt

Then he was off to out to play outside

a little cuddle time with mama

and playing down stairs
aka testing the waters

 day two started with church

playing after lunch 

then outside again
can he tell he likes it out there
I also liked it being 50!

and the garage

then it was after bottle cuddles

and now mama time with the Oscars :) 

Friday, February 26, 2016

jokes on you


not sleepy
not even close
I will play with the blanket, my shoes and my socks
blow busters
and be overly cute 
so you forget I need a nap

and when you pull over to tuck me back in and take of his distractions
socks and shoes
I will proceed to play with my feet
blow more busters
and be overly cute

then mama drove home
and we played instead of a nap

Thursday, February 25, 2016

outside play

and inside play

he LOVES being outside snow or no snow. doesn't matter
and having the measuring stick even better

and inside play
trying out our coloring with water mat...and well it is almost more fun to drink the water out of the pen...we will keep trying haha

and did I mention how much he likes climbing on the couch and playing with the pillows 

playing in the bouncer again.  his idea 

and the pool table

and his airplane

he likes to stay busy all day! and play play 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

cooking and kitchen help

Cooking up some venison stew
J slaved over getting the deer
and I slaved over making the stew
lots of chopping
it was good, still having a hard time eating bambi
even though it is good, it is totally mental

before prep

after ready for dinner

and my kitchen help
or just liking the fact he is a big boy on the stools and chairs :) 

what shall we cook next

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

rally cap

tonight we brought Arie to his first politcal rally
and well....maybe to close to bed time, too many people or just lack of sit in his seat :) 

Marco Rubio

and well Arie was sure not a fan of being passed off to a stranger in a HUGE pushy crowd

sorry bud he could be the next president...and then you will for sure appreciate this in 20 years. haha

actually you were way happy running around this large space

we shall see what the next few months bring :) 

Monday, February 22, 2016

maroon or orange

Calvin or Hope
Mom or Dad

that is the question Arie is going to have to answer some day ;-)

but for now the answer is Maroon, Calvin, Mom
BC mom went to the bookstore and made it that way :) 
and because she just cant imagine her son in orange and blue
brings back memories of the tennis rival

so yes our house is divided
and yes unfortunately the bad guys won
but we still had a fun afternoon at the Calvin vs. Hope mens basketball game

watching with papa

hanging out at half time

then we were done sitting
so we ran the halls

played by the glass
which was SO fun!

and then left a little early :) 

fun to be back to Calvin
and fun to show Arie around

maybe one day he will be a future Knight
but for now we will conquer how to write with a crayon and not eat it first 
one small step at a time :) 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

pancake man

mr. arie LOVES love LOVES cant say it enough
my pumpkin pancakes

this morning even at the word pancakes he was excited

so Saturday morning he helped a little in the making 

and then it was time to try to wait patiently for them to cook

he is so funny...he would eat them all morning if I let him :) 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

it felt like spring

in February

it hit around high 50s and sunny

we were able to spend time outside playing and 'working'
starting with the sweeping
he likes that as much as vacuuming 

then it was time to wash mamas car
he was completely soaked, just sat in the puddles and played :)
dumped the bucket and loved the hose  

a little play/ride in the wagon
he LOVES this 

we also played on the deck

yelling cause he was so excited 

then we had a stroller ride nap
oh hi mama
big smiles

and at bed time he was done
thank you fresh air :) 

we are looking forward to weather ball red for warmer weather ahead :)