Monday, February 22, 2016

maroon or orange

Calvin or Hope
Mom or Dad

that is the question Arie is going to have to answer some day ;-)

but for now the answer is Maroon, Calvin, Mom
BC mom went to the bookstore and made it that way :) 
and because she just cant imagine her son in orange and blue
brings back memories of the tennis rival

so yes our house is divided
and yes unfortunately the bad guys won
but we still had a fun afternoon at the Calvin vs. Hope mens basketball game

watching with papa

hanging out at half time

then we were done sitting
so we ran the halls

played by the glass
which was SO fun!

and then left a little early :) 

fun to be back to Calvin
and fun to show Arie around

maybe one day he will be a future Knight
but for now we will conquer how to write with a crayon and not eat it first 
one small step at a time :) 

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