Wednesday, February 10, 2016

good day mate part two

day three

Started out early with a tour of the opera house
now if you know may not be my thing
but sue our hilarious tour guide [who self proclaimed to not being political correct!] and very interesting building made it the best tour yet ;-) 

View of the harbor from the inside

needed to take a selfie with the headphones on

it was beautiful inside!
we couldn't take pictures in any of the other 4 rooms because there were productions taking place later that day,,,but this was by far the best one to document

and now the outside

then we headed back on a Ferry to the zoo

riding in the cable car...which let us see a great view of the city

and finally I saw a kangaroo


giraffes oh my

 back to the city 

 then it was off to dinner in Darling Harbor 
pizza oh man the best food we had in Australia 

then a night walk by the opera house 

Day four
J was done with meetings [because it was Saturday]
So we all headed out together on a train about 45 mins out of town to Featherdale Wildlife Park

in search of Koalas 

which we found and were able to pet and take pictures with :) 

and then there was even a 'petting zoo' area for the kangaroos
you could walk up to them and pet them and feed them
big step for this scared of animals lady to be this close :) 

this was a mama
can you see the little tail popping out of her pouch!?!?

after the wildlife park
a Mcflurry for lunch
had to try the local flavor...cadbury crunch with caramel. YES PLEASE
america jump on board 

then it was a taxi ride to another lunch

and a taxi ride to this BEAUTIFUL beach
i loved it here

swimming pool filled by the ocean

then we took a walk around the coast

one more view before we headed back

Then J and I took a ferry ride back to Manly Beach for dinner

 the sun was setting

on the ferry on the way back the bridge and the opera house were both in red for the start of the Chinese New Years

Day five/morning
before we left I was up at 5 we capitalized knowing we would be on the plane again 

We walked to and around the Botanical Gardens
which were 200 years old

saw this HUGE neat tree

Then walked around an area called The Rocks
were they set up a market on the weekend
I bought a poster from a local artist for Aries room

Then it was back to our room to finish packing 

off to the airport
thank goodness for no delays
and the ride home was 2.5 hours shorter! that was a big deal!
we left at 3:00 pm Sydney time
and arrived in Dallas at 3:00 pm
it is like it never happened :) 

and then back to GR to this beautiful sun set

and was totally SURPRISED to see this little man in the airport hallway
thanks to my in laws 
best surprise ever
He may have been more excited to see the luggage carousal then me and the luggage carts
but once we got home his feelings changed

he has been a cuddle bug all week
which has been great

we had such a wonderful time away
loved the area and all the sites
but sure felt good to be home to our little love

Many thanks to both of our parents for taking wonderful care of Arie!

and that is a wrap...Good day mate!

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  1. omw! 1. did you actually touch the Koala? 2. best food was pizza! ha! 3. no tours?! Idk if we can travel with you, Petey loves a tour. 4. That beach and pool! (love eye emoji!) 5. I just cant get over the amount of wildlife you willingly sought out! It's a whole new you!