Tuesday, February 16, 2016

diamond in the rough

or diamond in the diaper

Monday we spent all day at Grandma and Grandpas
bc they left for Florida today.  insert big sad face! :( 
we love hanging out with them and will miss them..countdown is on to meet in Florida.  23 days

arie wanted to go with or help pack or get a ride

anyway back to the diamond
so my mom was dancing with Arie which is LOVES 
and was snuggling her...and she said awe he is even playing with my earring
and well 20 min later...OH No my earring is gone

so we search the whole basement floor [three adults crawling around]
back track up stairs
look some more and nothing

so head home.
arie naps.
has dinner
and I go to change his diaper
and low and behold the EARRING
[not in poop...just in the diaper. TMI?!?!

it fell down his oneies shirt and down his diaper
so happy it was found
so glad he didnt eat it
and so glad it is back safe and sound to grandma


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