Tuesday, February 9, 2016

good day mate part one

headed to the home of the Australian open
wrong city and three days late
but I am still counting this as a half check on my bucket list...seeing I at least made it to the country :)

since I took so many pictures...surprise surprise this post will be day one and two :)

Day one...aka the longest day..since we left Monday night and finally went to bed Wednesday night

all aboard
we got to sit on the second floor of the plane...was able to sleep about 5 hours. watched 4 movies and 3 tv episodes. read. and took lots of potty aka walk around breaks
  and that is how you sit in one place for 17 hours

Here we go!

a picture after we landed.
hello Australia

We arrived so early in the morning
we were able to walk around together before J had to go to meetings

Then after breakfast it was off on a ferry to Manly beach ..yes its true name

welcome to Manly

beach ...my AHH moment

took a little walk around
loved the views and the weather

then a bus to a national park
and my oh my these stairs were a killer but allowed for a nice view

then out to dinner with Jason

where we tried Kangaroo
which seems cruel
but the norm there
and it was gross :)

finally think we stayed up long enough and time to sleep in a real bed again

now day two
view out of our hotel window
checking out the day
was always up and at it early...thank you time change
a little rain on the second day

headed out to check out the opera house

a seal chilling on the steps

because of the rain we decided to do a little shopping
paddy market ended up being cheap souvenirs land..and smelly
so we bought nothing

then it was a grocery store for local candy
and this mall
neat building but the shops were to expensive
needed a happy medium :)

then off to dinner
to the Sydney Tower 360 restaurant

the floor moved in a cicle so you could see all views of the city

looks pretty but again gross haha
i am a burger girl vs fancy food

the whole group
aka 4 people :)

after dinner we decided to walk the Sydney Bridge
1.5 miles long

wearing Make things better tshirt!

and on the other side of the bridge was gelato
well perfect ending!

and perfect way to end day number two

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  1. 1. Those stairs made me gasp for air! 2. Did you find Minties?! 3. Looks like so much fun!