Friday, December 31, 2010

my favorite joke

the last post of the year before we ring in the new year
bring on 2011, excited to see what this year will bring!

so as i love to say....see you next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a duckie deal

maybe the best deal yet.
What: free dooney & bourke.
How: run a marathon and get a reward!
check her out. she is designer and pretty! welcome to the family. You may have been worth all 26.2 [granted i didn't know i got her until way after the race]

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

holly jolly christmas it was

Christmas and mini Christmas vacation is about to be over but fun was had

Christmas eve: Lunch with the bogo! then christmas eve with the parentals.

[oatmeal cookies. not pictured: mexican wedding cookies, fudge, spinach casserole, creme puff and aunt clarias dessert]

Christmas day: Started the morning with the usual baked french toast and opened presents [received a coat, boots, easy bake OVEN and other randoms] then headed over to my Aunt Jeans for the day. ate, opened gifts and then played hyper dash....that was comical to watch everyone running around the house yelling numbers and colors! never a dull moment with the trompens!

[christmas morning is here!!!]
[a gift from my mom's friend for baby to wear in the hospital to attract an attractive doctor...her idea not mine but i will roll with it!]
[dougie in his snuggie! he was pumped to go the the red wings with me on the giving in was a hit too!]
[ham any one!]

[trying to sew the build a bear. ha good luck jean, way harder than it looks!]

[christmas cousins picture]

[hyper DASH!!!!!!!!!!!! even grandma played!]

Roadtrip: headed to mi city and chicago for sunday-monday. Chicago was cold! but we got lots of good deals.

Day off number two: cleaned cleaned and organized. I color coordinated my closets...hello type a peaking through. organized my two dressers. and cleaned out my bathroom. then ran a few errands! ha!

as betsy would say back to driving the desk tomorrow

Monday, December 27, 2010

easy bake oven

Only about twenty or so years of wanting. Hinting. Nagging. Perhaps even a little begging. Christmas 2010 pulled through. Dreams really do come true thank you Santa/Mom and the garage sale in orchard hills neighborhood!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i get to wear jeans

to work tomorrow. yes i have to work tomorrow BUT only a half day and then i am busting out for holiday and lunch with my bogo!
holiday being...
two days at mom and dads
one day in chicago
one day in gr doing everything but working!

so tonight was a wrap up of the week before the party begins.
1st: made it through the longest day of work ever....ever...forever....
2nd: got my hair cut and highlight. you can be the judge if it looks like reese witherspoon or not

3rd: baked a treat for all my work chickens tomorrow. it doesnt have a name, so i will name it Christmas eve surprise: it has Ritz crackers, toffee and chocolate!

4th: wrapped the last of the gifts [snuggie included]

5th: painted my nails, Bastille my heart. a classy darker red, definitely kari red
6th: watched/watching home alone 2. counting how many times they should have died....up to five...long way to go!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

stay jolly with walgreens

That is what the commercials say and that is what I did tonight, twice!
First: I have been contemplating getting a flu shot for about a month. But this week I really decided to take it seriously and today was the day that I thought I could muster up the courage. Way too many people that I am close to have been getting sick [betsy thank you for pushing me over the edge]….so it was time. As I drove into Walgreens what did the light up sign say, “come on in, flu shots available’ it was like meant to be. So I walked in giving myself a pep talk. I can do this, I think I can, did this before can do it again…..Oh but I hate needles, but you know what I hate even more than a needle is throwing up. So there you have it. Walked right up to the counter and with the most bold and convincing voice I announced to the pharmacist, I WANTED A FLU SHOT! The nurse was very kind and talked right through it, didn’t hurt at all. I had done it! Congratulations to myself. Now not only was it easy, it was free [my health insurance covered it] BUT I ALSO got a coupon for $3 off a $15 dollar purchase. It was like the just paid me to get this shot! [Lindsay do you hear this deal! This is a deal! Deals make me think of you!] So after being such a big girl I headed home and after dinner rewarded myself with a Godiva chocolate. Now the story doesn’t end here….after sitting down on the couch I realized that the coupon was only good for today. Well I wasn’t about to let that $3 go to waste. Soooo

Second: The first time I was there, I was recommended by the nurse to stay in the store for about fifteen minutes to make sure everything was ok….so as I was browsing through the store I saw this!!!!!

My mom had been telling me that my dad has been making references to the snuggie aka secretly wanting one I am sure! What could be better for a father who loves hunting, well one with a camouflage design then, duhh! So it was a MUST to head back to Walgreens with my coupon tonight.
So that is what I did
Put on a hat over the lovely sweaty hair that I had, since earlier this evening I attended spin with the torturer. Also put on my huge old jcrew warm sweat. Super baggie sweat pants and boots.
I drove back to the store
I walked back in past the salvation army ringer bell girl.
Walked in and proudly [kinda] grabbed the lovely camouflage snuggie
Proceeded to the checkout ONLY to to be in front of a super attractive boy.
Hide under my hat.
Purchased the snuggie
Walked back out past the bell ringer
and drove home!

Success. Got the shot, got a coupon, got a snuggie. And best of all got another coupon the save $5 next week. Does it get any better! I think not!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

back to the good old days

of gathering up the Lipinski clan and celebrating christmas! Last night we ordered some jets pizza [we are high rollers] and broke out the dish to pass. Talked, ate, opened gifts!
Check out some of the fun:

Four more days until the big day. I have all my gifts wrapped that are here. I am still waiting on one that I odered over a week ago and the tracking says it has arrived in GR but it has not been delievered to my home!??! other than that I am ready to go.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a white elephant gem

Work christmas party at railside tonight. Really a nice night with the work chickens and or the family.

Friday, December 17, 2010

moose munch on the mind

This is the best Christmas treat yet!!!
[rumor has it this debut on ‘unwrapped’ the food network show]

Go ahead!
Feel free to salivate!

This makes Friday even more happy, if that is possible!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

sprinkles are everywhere

Christmas cookies with the crazy [little] cousins
the tradition shall carry on. This year shawn, uncle shawn. though i never call him that. came for dinner and then assisted in some of the decorating. mostly everything he decorated he ate. but still he supervised the activity. most of the cookies the kids made had every color of sprinkles and a mixture of frosting which was all coated with sticky figures and a licked off frosted knife. [reason why every overly lovely decorated cookie they make, we send back home with them!] we also made the pretzels with a kiss on them. The fun night left the kiddos in sugar overloaded buzz, with just shawn [jean is gone for work training] just in time to head home to go to bed before their last day of school before Christmas break.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

quoteables from Christmas Family picture night!
Judi & Kari
K: [thinking] gesh 15 min shower and ready at the y hair. So "mom does my hair look ok?" J: "no it really looks bad, take it down or something. it makes you look bald" [brutal honest family member] K: whining "really that bad mom please...ugggg dad does it look bad? betsy is it ok" Results: one picture with yucky hair semi still wet down and one up in a bun!
Doug & Judi
D: "which one do you like [referring to final pictures] J: "well not that one, it looks like someone is pinching you to smile"
Kari & Jeff
J: "uggg pictures, it is like we are just posing for a christmas card." K:"umm that is what we are doing. mom wants it done, so just do it!'
This is what we came up with [plus a beach picture from this summer]:

Cooking: Recipe from another blog, The girl who ate everything. hmm appropriate, yes! First form of baking in the new oven. Nothing burned and they turned out [to be pretty delicious and I was not the only taste tester!]

Christmas: Party took place at Allyson’s house last night. Such a fun night talking, laughing and exchanging gifts! I love these girls!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

halls. green tea. lack of sleep.

Two out of the three seem to be a good effort in curing this cold that has stuck my body. Last night I took Nyquil in effort to sleep with out hacking my brains out. As I read the bottle it stated: 10% alcohol. I thought to myself strange, until I woke up this morning and realized I had done the drunken stumble to the bathroom. I bumped into the doorway then into the wall and then I do not even remember really getting back in to bed. In any case, I am glad I made it out of bed this morning and into work. Granted I feel like I look like a site for sore eyes. Crazy hair. Ghetto cheap target boots with a nice skirt. Northface jacket. Man voice [gotta love trying to be perky and polite as I answer the phone] On ward and upward I have my second Christmas party of the year, tonight at allysons home!!! !

Sunday, December 12, 2010

mega what.

First Christmas party of the year. GFS Christmas @ DeVos with b! Such a fun night: We got to. . .
dress up
listen to a comedy show by Simbdad
eat a wonderful meal
play endless arcade games
listen to mega 80's, the real deal
eat endless desserts, nachos, pizza
and meet a lot of new and fun people!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

bundles of buggles

covered in chocolate, top with fluffy marshmallows to resemble santa hats. The key ingredient to the Christmas sweet and salt candy mix. This is what sarah and I created on Friday night. It was really very easy and from cory's reaction when he got home, it was delicious too!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a little game of

have you ever????????
1. received a boxed smoked turkey??
I have, I have. Today! [do not think i will partake, but the rest of the MEN in the office i am sure will]

2. received a super sparkly card and been told to throw it out because the sprinkles[yes you read this correct] will go everywhere. I did not obey my boss!
I have, I have. Today!

3. received a giant can of popcorn that is so delicious.
I have, I have. Today! [oxymoron: couldn't wait for the Christmas treats to start rolling in, but hate the temptation of having the delicious treats around! feel my pain!!??!!]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fifty five

pink lids are off to: Save the lids to save lives!
Good participation from the m.e.s

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

before and after [part 2]

one old boring light
one new super sparkly chandelier
half hour of works electrician borrowed time




Monday, December 6, 2010

before and after [part one]

one wreath
nine sticks of berries
three hot glue gun sticks
half hour of manual labor




Sunday, December 5, 2010

twas the night

to stay up until two am:
Stalking the movie set with ryan phillippe?? Oh how I wish. But something just as good, riding home from kzoo. Craft night at kristina’s house! We crafted from 6-1am! Made cute necklaces and wreaths! Had time to even make extra for Christmas gifts [reason I will not be posting the final product, per the avid readers of the blog that may receive some of these goods as gifts! Final product pictures to come at a later date]

Other exciting things that did not keep me up until 2, but I still find blog worthy:
One: went to the calvin hope hockey game Friday night in the good OLD jolly roger. Brought back memories of the good old days of being a rink rat and a whalette cheerleader. Calvin pulled off the win 4-3 and it still feels good to see hope go down in any sporting event!

Two: on my [freezing] cold run this morning found my lost credit card!! Too bad it is already cancelled. Got ‘attacked’ by a dog, meaning he free himself from his owner and jumped all on me! Bahhh then ran past the untied Methodist church sign. [always has a saying] today: Jesus is the reason for the season, don’t xmas him out!
Three: went to the nutcracker ballet at devos.

Four: watched/watching round one of home alone the full version dvd style and loving ever moment of it!