Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a new big girl toy

canon rebel t2i
can't wait to discover all it features. already said to my mom...if i learn it all maybe i can quit my day job. haha or not!
bonus: salesman was hot and there is tech support whenever....what shall stump me next week ;)

can not believe tomorrow is September! wow! time flies when you are having fun.

Monday, August 30, 2010

all about the convos

convo between bank teller and husband and wife: today i went in to the bank, i will admit i did the blatant stare and listened to the convo two tellers over. if i eavesdropped correctly. it was a new married couple working on changing all their information over. Instead of the wife changing her last name, it was the husband that was changing his name. it was quite funny to hear the teller say, "well you will need your maiden name...well i guess do you call it that...giggle giggle." AWKWARD!
convo between father and daughter: so my dad is super excited that over labor day weekend i will be staying in traverse city with my bogo...just the-two-of-us. just-the-two-of-us. so he was informing me that i will have to turn the water back on. i was like but dadddd whine whine.. i have never turned it on before. my internal conversation was with myself went more like this. "turn water on?? how? where? do what? i am not even sure what the water tank looks like, will i know the difference between that and the furnace? and just flip a handle? well what handle? ok just agree with him...my bogo will probably know!? hopefully? ok cant be this hard i am college graduate" ok dad sounds good! ekkk!
convo between me and my twitter: i want a dq blizzard like Pauletta wants a hot dog on fourth of july. real bad!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

britney's one two three

pandora has a been a new thing in my life. I enjoy listening to it on my long runs. So when i first downloaded the ap to my phone i put in lady gaga radio and that is the only music type i can seem to get. regardless for the most part they are usually songs right up my alley. anywho one that keeps playing is Britney spears. one two three...and others. gimme gimme more. its Britney bitch.
so a little one two three for you.
[one] yesterday while i was finishing my long run i saw a lady walking her dog. She was a tad over weight, so it was a good for you moment until i noticed what was in her hand....a VERY LARGE mccafe coffee with whip creme. hmm seems like an oxymoron to me. but who i am i to judge i ran then had ice cream cone and lg diet coke for lunch on the way to the beach! :)
[two] clean clean clean. I did it in shifts and finished it off today. had been a while! Not sure why i choose to clean on a 80 plus day, bc i need to do it....BUT then decided to get very inspired and do the deep clean. like move the couch and clean out all under the cushions. my rewards: popcorn, dust, hair, trix cereal, and the big winner a dime!
[three] it begins to TOMORROW. tomorrow tomorrow i will love you tomorrow...its only a day away!! us open 2010!!! two weeks of pure tennis happiness. It is pretty much the only thing that was good about going back to school, back in the day! but since there is no more school, it is even more enjoyable. I have the DVR all set for coverage from 11am to 11pm! bring it on!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

today i

..... was told my color scheme resembled a crayon box.
green polka dot shoes
pink toes
black skirt
purple shirt
lime nails


...got a blister.

...played tennis.

...had ice cream with my bogo.

...read from the message.

...watched the Nanny.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

let me be your hero

wise words:
If anyone tells you that you can't achieve your dreams, or puts you down, make your hand into a claw and tell them you're a little monster and you can do whatever you want. --- Lady Gaga

deep thoughts:
i have come to the revelation, I want to be on twitter.
i like the randomness and i enjoy reading celebs random thoughts and info.
i want on this kick.

tough decision:
twitter username: shall it be?
[a] the usual karilip41 karilip22 karilip37
[b] lady gaga referenced. misslg littlelady
[c] the stand by opi reference heartopi opiloven travelopi diariesopi

tough decision two:
was solved at jv nails, currently wearing: hey, get in lime

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

disco ball

is what made a nine year old want his birthday at TGI Fridays!
dance dance in the phone booth with harry and lauren, disco style it is.
they are goofy kiddos, but i love them.
Kids say the darndest things part one for now:
lauren petting my legs saying: ohh i you have bumpys on your legs. giggle giggle. she loved the fact that i do not shave often enough!

one nice, one silly

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving up the pinky

I received a lesson from my madre on where my destinations of the weekend would take place. She did this geography lesson by using the handy dandy MI back your hand demonstration. So we started out on the hand and headed towards the knuckle region in Grand haven. A last minute fishing adventure with my uncle. B, mom, dad, and their two friends headed out to the big seas, it was a wavy adventure to start out, but fun. We caught a total of two fish between us [b and lynn and then lynns husband bob] then it was a wrap! Spent the night at my aunt and uncles and then ran my longest run yet. 16…my parents biked along, which was nice. Then we packed up and referred to the hand map and headed up to pentwater to stay the night with my uncle mike and aunt terry. I had never been to pentwater before but it is cute little town. We spent the rest of the day biking, shopping, eating, and relaxing in preparation for the next morning. Because jeff and my uncle were in the Ludington tri. So we were up and at them early Sunday and headed to lundington to cheer them on. They both did a wonderful job [and may have giving me the inspiration to make it the 2011 goal] it was a fun lake shore filled weekend!
[so vern are there any milk duds in the box or is that our little secret...how about them fish. did you reel them in or did the swim away from the red fox!?]

[we got boys, so no worries about the waves!]

[is there a FISH ON!! nope just pretend]

[ohhh but he is so cute! smelly hands! and rj told me i was too girly..hello i am holding the dead thing]

[family time at the big bear burger time! i enjoyed the chili cheese wimpy burger. the big bear burger was a pound of meat]

[the bitchen kitchen...no one ever bitches in my kitchen]

[the fam with the tri super star!]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

it is on the move

from the south to the north
skyline that is.
sold in a can at most local supermarkets and now enjoyed in the convince of your own home. and that is exactly what took place at arlington tonight.
it was a spin [been forever!] skyline [so delicious] movie [caught in the cross fire. boy movie. bad. but shot in GR!] nails [short stories] kind of night with shatto!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

and its hot hot hot hot. now cold

Hot [one] cincy in general. Location of my mini vacation with my mom. Saturday I think it reached about 95+ with sun and humidity….i recommend never ever trying to run eight miles in an unknown location on black top. Thought of death crossed my mind! Others days it was sooo much cooler or not! It got down to about 88 and pure sun, but wait no humidity. Cant complain, still loved it!

Hot [two] my new husband. I would like to introduce him to you. His name is fernadno verdasco. Twenty six years old, resides in madrid. Actively plays tennis. Likes to travel. Has an accent. Tall, dark, and obviously handsome. See do not settle unless it is the best!

Hot [three] no rules vacation. Meaning. Eating an entire bag of pretzels m&m by yourself is expectable. Eating candy for breakfast expectable. Taking naps on Sunday morning after you have only been up for an hour expectable. watching the same rerun of the nanny two days in a row! skyline chili! parking in the players lot! midnight runs to kroger. Shopping shopping and more shopping. buying a new bag! Eating icecream twice in a day. Doing whatever you want whenever you want! yup that’s hot!

Hot [four] taking random pictures of randomness. Shape ups do exist. So does grilling out of the back of pickup in a hotel parking lot. Semis closing highways! Boo.

Cold [sort of] pure Michigan, back to the grind!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Are you superstitious????
Like don’t step on a crack, cause you’ll break your mothers back!
Bahhhh don’t get spooked today!

Happy Friday. Friday the 13th!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


one: big hunk of junk. oh-so-not-fun-do-not-like-ugg-bust-hate-bahhhh! this is what i feel about the copy machine at work!
two: eight more hours with the work chickens, eight too many! enough said!
three: in the next twenty four hours i will have arrived in oh-hi-o...washington nice apples! VACATION!! 90 degree weather. hot tennis boys. skyline chili. my madre. H&M. outdoor pool. yup sounds perfecto to me.
four: only two veras. really only two. congratulations to me!
five: biked the white pine trail with em and matt. Had four deer run in front of us. yes that was scary! and yes it gets dark early than we thought!
six: ski teal you drop! i like my new opi.
seven: i like the new song by enrique igleias names. i like it! duhh i do!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

free sound waves

Jumped on the bikes with b Tuesday night, trying to get a little of the B.o.B concert goodness at the whitecaps. Heard one song we knew, artist unknown and didn’t wait around for B.o.B. Instead headed back to Arlington and spent the next 2hrs being silly and making a fb album!

Monday, August 9, 2010

i [heart] meijers

as i stood in the line today at wal-mart reading on entire in touch magazine, while hearing many screaming kids around me. i thought to myself is this really worth saving the extra buck?? I am all about saving. spaving even! BUT why would i expect them to have more than four check lanes open. It only appeared like they were giving things away there were some many people with so much stuff! But i was patient enough and thought yes this was a good decision until i got home and checked my box of cereal that i thought was an AWESOME deal and realized i saved three cents. cheers to MONDAY!! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

miles. miles. miles

0 miles to the Arlington home for birthday celebration of allyson and kim. It was a beautiful night to eat out on the deck. Menu: grilled pizza, salad, and cake balls!

46 miles out to Holland. To grill and boat ride with miss Raquel strik! [and others] again a beautiful summer night.

1.5 miles to the corner of Monroe and knapp. This was the spot of my trip. Right to the ground. phone in the road. Two scraped knees, mini scrape on the arm, little bruised on the hip and ego. What to do but finish out the 12.5! Ouch! [ps see the dirt. the ground is dirty!]

0.02 the location of my back door to my lounge chair. The place I sat for the rest of my Saturday! sun and reading. and maybe a few errands to target and dicks. oh and watched the movie remember me. i liked, its a good rent.

41 miles out to grand haven. For baptism of Jackson Lipinski. Great time out there with the family. Just beautiful sitting out on a chair watching people play in the water. Love love love it! Great company and food. Nice way to enjoy a Sunday!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

surprise surprise

There wasn’t a pound puppy inside.
But there was some left over gum!

Gross, yes if I may say so myself as I had to peel it off a quarter.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

did you get a sticker?

express your right? VOTE!
I did!
Now my questions or more a thoughts to you is.
1. When will all the yard signs come down?
2. can you wear a losing candidates apparel?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

pink bunny..

Needed a battery recharge day and that is what was done. Walk, deck, nap. Then a this and that type of deal at the house…the house had not been attended to in a while and the piles had grown [clothes, bill, dirt!]….couldn’t remember the last time the sheets were changed. Gross. Couldn’t remember the last time the house was vacuumed. Gross. Laundry, kitchen, bathroom. All taken care of, just in time for another week of fun!

Heyo to a fun weekend with the bogo.
Bogo night number uno: Friday night started with a paparazzi deal and the way to the Winchester. Filming of the movie ’30 minutes or less’ at dinner we decided that the Winchester is made up of a very wide variety of people to people watch. Who did we see besides some cougars and awkward eye contact. JOEY from work! What a hoot…his mission was to find us a man. Unsuccessful. Who else did we see…two blast from the past from high school. After din din we head over to reeds lake for movie in the park. We picked up some ice cream on the way and found Lindsay to enjoy the movie with.

Bogo day/night number dos: Saturday picked b up at 11 hit the speedway for the 44oz and roadtripped it out to her cottage. Then it was bike time. Oh wait then it was hit the convince store for air….and that was fun! Then it was biking down to Holland state park beach [which do you have to pay to bike in…who knows but if you just act like you know what you are doing. No one questions you!] we enjoyed the beach for a while. And then headed out to captain Sundea! Sooo good! Biked back to the cottage. Round trip about 25 miles! Success! Back in gr…we hit up drive way bonfire! Smores….yummm! Lindsay partook in the giant marshmallow smore delicious creation!!