Thursday, October 29, 2009

thursday thursday thursday

Two things that annoy me at work (i feel this is valid to share??)
1. when people from our own office come in the locked front door and do not have their keys. Either a. bc they forgot- valid or b. bc quote “I know kari likes to get up and let me in” not valid. The there is a certain someone that taps on the glass window and expects me to jump up and let him. and then doesn't even say thank you!
2. when people use my desk and stuff as their stuff, and come up in my personal space bubble. Like can I use your pen, and take it practical out of my hand. Oh sure. Or stand right next to me, and set their papers on my stuff I am working on. Is there not a better place you could be, our office is quite large!

With this being said. I do actually like my job and most of the time the people I work with :)

On a happier note. I am about to head out to the Pete Yorn concert!!!!!! Woot woot for pete. He is hot!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the last eleven days

half marathon over!!! A freezing day, but the run went well—met my goal. Friends and family supported. Shout out to g and miss shatto! THANK YOU! Love the encouragement, especially when the curse words were dropped on a Sunday afternoon, made me laugh. And breakfast at the omelet shop was fabulous and worth the miles! Oh and culvers was an after the race treat! Yes I can eat ice cream right after running a race in about 40 degree weather.

Attended a funeral this last week. There is always something interesting about having to attend funerals. They seem to get my mind thinking. This passing was my aunts mother, who at times felt like my second grandma. She was old, very old 94. She lived a long and faithful life to the Lord and to her family and friends. Here are the things that I took away from her service. I definitely need to live life to the fullest with no regrets and treat people with respect, but stick with who I am. Live for the Lord at all times, it does influence others. Also visit the old and sick, they appreciate it way more then you ever think they would.

Back to attending spinning class, definitely love hate relationship.

Three days in a row of gut rot. Starting at kims, followed by el burrito with em, and finished with pizza and dessert at sarahs. You would think I would learn my lesson.
Three am parties Friday night---success!

I love fall Sunday afternoons at my parent’s house in comfy clothes with no agenda. I like sitting at their counter looking at the fall trees, while picking at food, watching tv and reading the Sunday paper at my leisure. I also love joking with my dad and having serious conversations with my mom.

What to come.....

Preparing for Halloween weekend. Have a tutu run Saturday morning. Beware of 6 ballerinas running around alger heights around nine o’clock. Should also be passing our candy. And then hopefully dressing up… costume idea for this function. Twin Marilyn Monroe. One blond one brunette what better combination is there!?!?!?

Friday, October 16, 2009

ten random thoughts on a Friday @ 11:11

I am considering dying my hair platinum blond, seriously!

I may die a nun. Enough said!

I am excited to wear sweatpants on a Friday night!

EXTRA zing sugarless gum dissolves in you mouth about an hour after chewing. Yuck!

Wonder if the brain will ever explode with too much info in it?

Love the book ruthless trust. Possible written just for me? Can feel the Lord guarding my heart.

Do not like when you get message on email: out of the office!

Love the phrase party foul.

Nervous about the ½ marathon Sunday

Wearing my plaid shoes and enjoying them for their first outing of the season!

(only feel a tad guilty for posting this at work)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

run run run. it all seems to be about running!

A MINI adventure took place this weekend. In a mere 27 hours---Emily, Kim and I traveled down and back to Chicago to watch Gwen & Laur run the Chicago marathon.

Good girls gone bad. Down. She-wolf. Meet me half way. Obsessed. War. Battlefield. (most of these songs consist of such lyrics that deal with love as a battlefield…hmm there must be truth to this?)

Friday night we were very creative at the vyhof residence and made signs for the runners. Examples:
-Go G unit. With sayings such as: Is that your best poker face and bang it out on the course just like your body.
-Is tripping a party foul?
-Mosseltoff gwen
-run laur run
-go team vryhof

It was soooooo cold, Chicago definitely was rewarded the name windy city for a reason.
Gwen kicked butt. She ran the marathon in 3 hrs 52 min!
The MINI rocked it out all the way home.

Hopefully gwen’s inspiration will transfer over to Sunday’s half marathon, which I will be participating in. With the weather predicted to be about 28 in the morning. I ventured to Gazelle sports last night and bought a very warm running hoodie and running leggings. I am not sure about the body in leggings. But they will be strutted out on the course all in the name of warmth!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what to do???

what would you do in my situation that i found myself in this morning!?!? hopefully not TMI

at the y. in the shower area. trying to hang everything up. bra, under ware, towel, cosmetic bag...ect. the seat is wet. which i never understand why people have to get the seat wet. so in the hanging up process I drop my CLEAN under ware right in a puddle of water.
now the debate. wear wet clean under ware. or dirty under ware all day.

i choose wet clean. resulted in saggy bum feeling all morning!
why do i attempt early morning gym runs??? :)

here's to a better start to tomorrow morning! cheers!

tonight we carved pumpkins....look at the final product!! fall is here my cold toes will tell you soooooo.....