Tuesday, March 21, 2017

two days of fun

packed it in

Starting out with this silly at breakfast 

then it was off to [new to us] library

then after nap
Zoo with the cousins!

my favorite pic!

then off to FREE ice cream at DQ

this boy was really enjoying his cone

and the next day the fun continued
off to the Gardens with Molly and her mama
loving the spring flowers

looking for butterfly's

found one ;-)

we are loving the wallpaper

two super fun days with friends!
we love play dates!

Monday, March 20, 2017

march madness

is on...
and unfortunately the Spartys run is over!  
no more go go

but we watched Sunday
Sunday funday March Madness style

Ready for church mama

then it was outside after nap!
so good to be able to be out with no coat

wanting to go on a bike ride

ok to the end of the street and back

then inside for game time
Arie has totally been copying the papa
papa put his arm over his head and so did Arie!
then papa moved them and he did too
i was giggling!
plus I have lost my couch it is now Aries :) 

be at least he shares :) 

we had fun watching go go
but they couldn't pull it off
so until next year!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

green day

two reasons
St. Pattys Day 
MSU basketball 

we celebrated both
love celebrating

wearing his green
no pinching today :)

then we brought treats to uncle Jeff at work!

then it was jumping after his nap
only $5 if you wore green!
he was loving it

then out to St. Pattys dinner with papa
burger YUMM
we split the burger and he ate it all
he is a food monster when he wants to be haha

then ended on a high note!

wanted to do it himself
and loving it!

then it was time for little man to be off to bed
and mama and papa got to watch the spartys win!
we had a super fun green day!

Friday, March 17, 2017

bed head

and island time

all in a days work :) 

crazy bed head
aka a good nap!

this one loves to say back mama
back mama

meaning this
please mama! 

then it was time to head outside and island time
my boat
also a common phrase
my boat down
my boat mama
my boat

walking to the island

tree broke mama
you are right buddy

running in the sun

then we had to go back down after dinner with papa

great to see the sunshine and be outside!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


aka Pi or Pie Day!
Happy 3.14 day

we never like to let a celebration pass
sooo we celebrated 
Costco Pie [thanks to samples]

and a BONUS!
a new VROOM!!

getting to sit like a big boy
pretty excited!!

and then home for pizza pies for dinner

we love celebrations :)