Tuesday, March 14, 2017

only one of us

was excited to wake up to snow on Monday
this mama is so over it
but Arie on the other hand ...not so much
think sled, shoveling and vroom vrooming

so how did we embrace the snow
woke up and excited to see snoooo [aries way of saying it]

drinking from the bowl 
papa taught him that :) 

then the gym
Don't miss monday party =  snacks!
happy boy

being a great helper 
carrying the groceries in 

this is the look of
' I know I didn't nap and I am being naughty'

me naughty
never...mama eye roll

then it was time to head outside to burn off some energy
professional snow driver 

there is my sweet boy

sledding without the sled

I guess we might as well embrace the HOPEFULLY 
last bit of snow :) 

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