Monday, March 6, 2017

not exactly

how we planned on spending our weekend
Arie got hit with the FLU :-( 
and hard
lasted a good 48 hours
so thankful he is on the mend
and mama and papa are so far safe
praise the Lord

it hit Thursday night
and this is were we finally arrived Friday morning
watching a little choo choo

napping and snuggles

trying snacks
though that wasn't a good idea

just exhausted

another bath EKK

finally smiling by Friday night

but that wasn't the end
Saturday morning woke up at 9 and was back napping by 10

not feeling good 

didn't want to do anything but ride in papas vroom vroom
soooo coffee, carwash, gas..and just riding

MAMA was THRILLED with the coffee stop!
1st of the season

trying snacks again

back in papas vroom
perking up a little

one more not so good night
BUT finally Sunday he woke up happy and refreshed!

 but decided to skip church
he liked watching a little bit of cartoons

we were able to play
and go for a walk

and he was officially feeling ok
thank the Lord
So hard to see my little buddy so unhappy!
flu flu go away and please never come back again! :-)
lets just say my house has never been more sanitized than this last weekend! haha

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  1. This Mama had that coffee this week too!!! :)