Saturday, March 18, 2017

green day

two reasons
St. Pattys Day 
MSU basketball 

we celebrated both
love celebrating

wearing his green
no pinching today :)

then we brought treats to uncle Jeff at work!

then it was jumping after his nap
only $5 if you wore green!
he was loving it

then out to St. Pattys dinner with papa
burger YUMM
we split the burger and he ate it all
he is a food monster when he wants to be haha

then ended on a high note!

wanted to do it himself
and loving it!

then it was time for little man to be off to bed
and mama and papa got to watch the spartys win!
we had a super fun green day!


  1. Oh the Sparty's I forgot about their addition to Green Day!

  2. Also, are those Lucky Charms treats?