Friday, December 9, 2016


first up
I got an email from the MVP
I actually won a drawing/contest
with an awesome SURPRISE
a Polar A360 watch

they are selling them for $175 for a special right now at the gym
wow.  now that was a good surprise

second up
Arie visiting Santa
took him to see Santa a Breton Village

we have been prepping him for a while
reading books on santa
talking about him
showing pictures

before we got there he knew he said, "ho ho ho"
would wave his hand by his chin to show me that santa has a beard
and if you go and see santa you get a sucker

we asked if he wanted to go see him and he would go yes..and quickly change to no
so we told him we were going to see the choo choo, which we did see ;-)

we are feeling pretty prepared with the preparation
he is loving the train
and then he spots santa and is pretty hesitant of it all

was not going to sit on his lap, but sorta ok on papas
santa was so kind and just chatted with them

then he brought out the secret weapon
the candy cane
and he agreed to chat and sit on his lap

and even warm up to him

and even left by giving him a high five

year one major tears 
year two high five!

I call that success right there

and now when we ask him what does santa say, 'Ho Ho Ho"
and shows us the where the beard is :) 

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  1. Wahooooo on the watch!!! nice-a!!
    I love the beard motion for Santa :)