Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day two

of celebrating
Christmas day
started with gift as a fam
then off to church
then off to grandmas
then cousin family time
then extended family time
and that is how you celebrate a very Merry Christmas day!

let the pictures begin :) 

stockings and gifts with mama and papa

more trucks

at church

playing with papa while mama was still at church doing nursery
then it was off to grams for a nap

cousins arrived so it was presents time

gifts gifts gifts

grammy gave all the kids suckers
Arie wanted nothing to do with the presents
all he wanted was a sucker :) 
could have saved a lot of money and just bought him a pack of suckers :) 

tennis lessons to come :) 

post gifts 
playing with the train with grandpa

checking out the snowmen that grandpa built for each grandchild!

loved them!!

 relaxing and playing 
waiting for extended family to come over

movie time with papa

stroller races

family pic
extended family

my happy little buddy

taking one last pic by our tree!

festive potty break to end the night

very busy and fun day!

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  1. Festive potty break :) Who doesnt go bare chested and in your antlers?!