Sunday, December 18, 2016

a holiday

feeling kind of Saturday

Started off with the Santa Train in Coopersville
high expectations
but low results haha
win some and loss some
we still had some fun and Arie was still talking about the Choo choo he went on, so I guess it is mostly a win
the heat on the train and power was broken
which I was dressed for heat on a train, so it was a FREEZING 1.5 hour ride
santa came on yelling and a little too jolly and scared the pants off Arie
but we made it :)

very excited to see the choo choo

all aboard

taking our tickets

a WAY to jolly of a santa
instant burst of tears the minute he flung the door open on the train :-/
wans't any better when tried to have him sit on santa
don't blame you buddy

trying to keep warm 

back to the warm car :) 

post nap
Christmas cookie making

 helping mama decorate

by far the best part!

then time to play outside
not letting the snow stop him from the fun

a very fun way to spend a Saturday!!

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  1. Sounds like an Uncle Peter style Santa! haha too much!! too much!!