Saturday, February 28, 2015

finally finished

Aries' nursery
the elephant sign has been on order since early December [thank you pottery barn for the delay]

so here you have it
can you spot an elephant or two :) 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

goodness gravy

bless you bless you
mr mr sneezes a lot! 
and I just think it is so cute :) 
today I got a picture

sorry buddy had to post it :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

caption this...


"Gotta do what you gotta do"
'Don't worry eyes are closed'

"ahhh can't get enough of this"

 "victory!  he is do not move"

"hmmm I think I just filled my pants'

"my feet were so hot last night"

"look at me.  I am a turtle!"

There you have it! ;-) 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

hey you looking

at me
says miss anne to Arie :) 
Arie's first Daytona 500 party at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betsys house

he had fun
He played with his cousins

7 months apart

chilling while watching the race

talking to cousin Ben

and maybe a cat nap here or there

we had fun.  thanks for having us over Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betsy
lets do it again next year ;-) 

Friday, February 20, 2015

all in the name

Filling out Arie's baby book 
and it asks about his name

first most people don't know how to say it...sooo I always say
or just call him Arie :)
a strong dutch name meaning Eagle
J found the name and it stuck with us really early on
we wanted something different but not to far off and something that was meaningful [Js dutch heritage and mine also] and something that could have a nickname
so there you have it Arend Arie

and his middle name
after my fathers dad
Grandpa Joe :) 

and speaking of my Father I hear over and over how much Arie looks like my dad
well I think my dad is a pretty handsome fella, so Arie that is a compliment

oh Arie he Loves you a ton!  
Thankful for that! :) 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

slow it down

how can I have a one month old?
seems like he was just born and it seems like he is been with us for a long time

he is a pretty good little guy..we are smitten at least :) 
we have our fussy times, but aren't all babies fussy at some point :)

We think he has colic and reflex [discovered this week, but dealing with it]

facts of the month:
1.  according to our not so reliable scale, appears he is about 9lbs now.  Pretty much out of all his newborn clothes...sigh :( 
2.  he basically eats about 7- 8 times a day.  waking up three times in the night [i get about 6 hours of sleep combined sleep and i call that a major blessing]  We try to get him in his bed each night...but whatever it takes [car seat or bouncy haha]
3.  he will take a bottle!
4. We like to take outings to grandma and grandpas (we love) ...And helps since we are not suppose to go in public yet and it is FREEZING OUT!
5.  he likes to be cuddled and swaddled and still so so on tummy time
6. the mama cant resits lots of kisses :)

so how did we celebrate his one month mark

first photo shoot!! haha

went to grandma and grandpas
and grandpa spoiled the mama with her first shamrock shake!! yipppee

and there you have it. 
we love you Arie

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

you are loved...more

I realized I never posted these pictures 
once we got home we had many lovely visitors!
thanks for visiting!!

Mrs. V and B 

auntie annie

Auntie B


the Kools

CJ and Ash

Four Generations

and three generations

meeting grandma great and lauren [and aunt jean]

Koree...and she brought amazing chicken pot pie

grandma..multiple times and we love it

 Miss Sarah and Chloe

and Kim and Kelsey...also brought over amazing food!

and a few more not pictured [we tried our best to get everyone :) ]

my heart jumps for joy all the loving the Arie receives and me...
so fun to have people stop over and visit!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

pink and red

and two special men in my life this year
Happy Pink Valentines day!

We had a day at home.  Filled with snuggles and hanging out
and another photo shoot

Arie received some lovely mail from grandma and grandpa Lipinski

my little love and yes heart breaker :)

with his Elephant made by his Grandma Marica

and off on our date to Arnies!
thanks grandma and grandpa Lipinski for watching me

a day filled with lots of loving...very grateful!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

oh mom [part one]

cause I am JUST positive this is what Arie is thinking of me
a photo shoot at 3 1/2 weeks
oh we have just begun :) 

Had to take a few photos or 20 wearing the booties from Grandma Cora

and drumroll..,,

one outtake
that would be spit up on the new chair...wont be the last I am sure 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

these are a few

of my favorite things
or pictures
a lot of picture have been posted on facebook, but we received the disk of images from the photographer
i was beyond happy with Abigail Marie Photography
she was just great and very patient when Arie decided to cluster feed
I would highly recommend her to anyone 

anyway sooo here are some of my favorites
maybe all of them, but I will narrow it down

Be still my two favorite men

his face

He loves his hands by his face

his room

the stats

oh the toes

so in love!