Wednesday, February 18, 2015

slow it down

how can I have a one month old?
seems like he was just born and it seems like he is been with us for a long time

he is a pretty good little guy..we are smitten at least :) 
we have our fussy times, but aren't all babies fussy at some point :)

We think he has colic and reflex [discovered this week, but dealing with it]

facts of the month:
1.  according to our not so reliable scale, appears he is about 9lbs now.  Pretty much out of all his newborn clothes...sigh :( 
2.  he basically eats about 7- 8 times a day.  waking up three times in the night [i get about 6 hours of sleep combined sleep and i call that a major blessing]  We try to get him in his bed each night...but whatever it takes [car seat or bouncy haha]
3.  he will take a bottle!
4. We like to take outings to grandma and grandpas (we love) ...And helps since we are not suppose to go in public yet and it is FREEZING OUT!
5.  he likes to be cuddled and swaddled and still so so on tummy time
6. the mama cant resits lots of kisses :)

so how did we celebrate his one month mark

first photo shoot!! haha

went to grandma and grandpas
and grandpa spoiled the mama with her first shamrock shake!! yipppee

and there you have it. 
we love you Arie

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  1. This month has really flown by! Such fun seeing how Arie changes....You and Jason are great parents....Enjoy each day!