Monday, February 2, 2015

new way of doing things

in a rush...First time out by myself 
Target...Friday night.  blasting 105.3 [dont listen to it with Arie in the car :) ha]
drove. shopped.  checked the phone.  drove and home in 45 min
and he never even woke up...he likes the daddy

Treadmill time...with a baby in the door
whatever works!

Weekday afternoons
get to spend time with both mom and dad...pick douger up from work. 
eat lunch together.  play.  I like does Arie

oh the love in this picture!

Saturday afternoons at home
love the visitors
Ben is such a good cousin already!

trying to entertain fussy arie

Sunday mornings...[anxious to get back to church]
but looks like this will be bath day for a bit
Arie's first bath...yes that is pee all down the mama! HA!  one can only laugh!

a bit uncertain...but he did pretty good

all clean!  and smells so good :) 

now that his cord is off..he can wear he sported pants and shoes 
big day! 

oh Arie how we love you and the new things you do daily!

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  1. I love that you dont listen to pop music with him in the car! Baby Mozart or bust! :)