Friday, February 20, 2015

all in the name

Filling out Arie's baby book 
and it asks about his name

first most people don't know how to say it...sooo I always say
or just call him Arie :)
a strong dutch name meaning Eagle
J found the name and it stuck with us really early on
we wanted something different but not to far off and something that was meaningful [Js dutch heritage and mine also] and something that could have a nickname
so there you have it Arend Arie

and his middle name
after my fathers dad
Grandpa Joe :) 

and speaking of my Father I hear over and over how much Arie looks like my dad
well I think my dad is a pretty handsome fella, so Arie that is a compliment

oh Arie he Loves you a ton!  
Thankful for that! :) 

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