Tuesday, June 23, 2015

papas day

was spent it in Traverse City with my parents and Js parents
We had a blast
We had some time on the beach, downtown, food, fun, walks and relaxing
so thankful for J and being able to celebrate him on his first fathers day
Love seeing how much Arie loves his papa and what a great papa he is!
also so thankful for my dad the douger and what a great guy he is to me and Arie and J!
love you dad!
and so nice to be able to celebrate with my father in law also
three pretty great guys in my life

here comes the pictures
part of the set up for the weekend
kids have a lot of stuff :) 
Thankfully my parents love to have all of Arie 'stuff' around!

a little beach time
Arie and I were able to join my parents for a super extended weekend
we headed up with them on Thursday and came home Monday!
it was so nice to be away

Arie feeling the love of these two

grandpa can always get Arie to laugh

selfie time :) :) :) 

Js parents came Friday night, so Saturday morning the girls headed downtown to the farmers market and cherry republic of course 

Sunday morning pancakes for the fathers 

these two have my heart! 

Playing on the deck during lunch 

group pic time!

The fathers

happy fathers day J!

and Douger.  
[breaking the rules for a little US Open golf with grandpa]

more playing

beautiful sunset to end fathers day

morning cuddles with grammy [in her coat, he was cold haha]

a fun and exhausting weekend with for this guy

I sure love me some time in Traverse City!

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