Wednesday, June 3, 2015

never thought

I could bring my self to wear orange and blue together
says the Calvin girl
BUT for royalty we made an exception to the rule

J, Arie and I went to the FMG to see the the King and Queen of Netherlands
They were not there very long ;-) but still worth the trip

Waiting for their arrival 

a little nap before they arrived

here they come

and there they go about 10 min later. ha

and that is the queen waving goodbye

and Aries five seconds of fame
where is J's head
and where is the mama :)

all this fun was helping cover up the wonderful back pain I was/is experiencing
since I believe I threw my back out after the gym that morning
thank goodness for a good standing distraction 

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  1. Dear mlive, thank you for keeping it real and reminding me it's all about the babe! ;)