Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Spending time with friends and meeting their super sweet new baby!
Congrats to the Vriesman Family on the newest peanut Everett!
Thanks for letting us visit and snuggle! 

Found this on insta and was like Bingo!  this is totally how I feel ;-)

Fall walk with the hubby
something about the crisp air and the trees and the blue sky
it is the little things in life that makes me happy!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A must do

In the fall for me is get a donut at Sietsema Orchard! 
They are just oh so good! 

Today j and I both got out of work right on time and headed over. 
It was a beautiful afternoon. Super happy to check that box and eat those donuts! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Southern cooking

Started out last night at G and Jim's for cooking club.
-shrimp and grits 
-fried chicken
-she crab soup
-cream corn
-corn bread 
-Apple pie

I would say the themed was followed
It was good and like usual so was the company! 

J and I keep the theme going tonight and made pecan waffles. 

Also delicious. If we can't have the warmth of the south at least we can enjoy their food! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

last day of triple digits

100 days to go until D [literally delivery day] day if the little man comes on time
ekkk slow down time
very anxious to meet the little man, but very content having more time to prepare :) 

This past weekend was spent with the mama preparing [and having fun!]
Chicago shopping trip:
mission research baby registering items
and have fun

accomplished both
Pottery Barn Kids you just have such cute stuff!

 stopping by the beautiful flowers

also hit land of nod
and Baby Gap!
I bought him his first outfit from me!
can't wait for him to wear it!
footy leggings and camo pants....ahhh! hehe 

fun time away!  thanks for going mama!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

chocolate D

kind of dessert and event
we were able to enjoy the Grand Rapids Symphony celebration dinner
for David Lockington 
he is finishing his last season as director
Great night and event!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Thursday haha to like two weeks ago
The last round of Art Prize with the mama 
We like colorful things! 

and the the Dutch Event Party
I just love Js wig ;-)
They provided us with orange apparel and that is what he picked! 
fun night and good food! [aka macaroni bar] 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

lots of fun

Facts of Charleston, SC
We spent a long weekend in Charleston with The Bultemas
We had a great time and learned some new things and refreshed our minds on some others :)

The fun facts/Pictures of the trip

1. delta provided a 3 hour delay and unlimited snacks
but we did not let it dampen our trip.  hello beach

2. we like to eat outside to live music 

3. Southern food is great
She crab soup
best in the bowl, not on your lap..learned from experince

4. We like to spot historical sites.
Starting out our day exploring downtown Charleston
First up four corners of the Law

and discover the City Market

5. Eat at a 'famous' place
The Dixie Cafe from Diner. Drive-in and Dives
it was good and worthy of being on Tv
J even got the fried chicken and waffles...very southern 

6. The Magnolia Plantation located on the Ashley River
Dated back to 1676 to the Drayton Family

Lots of beautiful paths and gardens were explored 

7. Boiled peanuts are GROSS! haha

 8. Battery Street has beautiful southern homes!

9. Hyman's Seafood was a top rated restaurant in Charleston
it was really good

more local food to experience: Fried Green Tomatoes and Grits 

10. This pineapple fountain is famous :) 

11. Our condo was lovely
We really liked staying on Kiawah Island
and I LOVE the beach! 
We walked each morning for at least an hour and the boys even joined

13.  Renting a boat and Dolphin watching was a highlight of the trip!

another fact: when the tide goes down the dolphins go up and down by the weeds in search of fish
aka a prime spot to be able to see them
we also saw a shark
bald eagle
and many birds

14. Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, Home of the 2012 PGA Championships
and location of one of our dinners 

15.  Fort Sumter
Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861

16. We really like to eat outside and on the water

Happy Birthday Jim
trying out another local favorite
Pecan Pie!

 17. We also experienced the waffle house per Jim's request.  and the pecan waffles were delicious

18. Delta really likes to provide delays, we received another 2.5 hour on the way home, this time no free snacks..booo

19.  I love Vacation!

20.  Thanks for traveling with us Bultemas...Lets do it again!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

bump it

bump it the stylish thing you use in your hair 
or in this case the gowning baby bump

weeks 22 and 24

Week 22 
Bean is as long as a Zucchini 

Week 24
Ear of Corn

And the bump it facts for the time being...
1.  Movement.  He kicks and jabs and it is so neat.  He is wiggly and I love it
2. Size.  Feeling we are moving past the 'is she fat' to there is actually a baby in there  
3.  Food.  'Craving' lemon heads! :) 
4.  His crib is on order and I have finished another book. 

Time is flying.  Still trying to soak it all in!
Keep growing little one