Monday, May 27, 2013

work and play

was the name of the game this memorial day weekend
little weird not being in TC this weekend..probably the first time ever
but with officially moving this coming Saturday, it was a must to stay home and get some stuff done
That did not hold us back from having some fun

Started the weekend off on the right foot [pun intended haha]

Then it was yard work on a friday night

 Look at the results [no i did not help with all of this but some for sure some of it!]

Typical memorial day weekend agenda...seadoos in.  My first time driving a trailer...ekkk 
douger get props for the years it did it to TC and back

Must get a boat ride in.  Sunny and warm enough!

Allyson and Josh were back in town. 
Nothing says a good time like friends and ice cream!

and the official day off...led to lunch date
and a park
Then it was back back to work.  Two trailer loads done.
5 more sleeps at the 7263...bit sentimental but really looking forward to what is come
Happy short week of work, remember tomorrow is TUESDAY! :) 

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