Friday, May 10, 2013

six boxes

DONE...and a 100 or so to go...may exaggerating and maybe not!? HA!
we have about 4 weeks to pack up the entire house
[I never made a blog announcement]

Three of the six..labelled and ready to go
 Big Bag of bubble wrap to entertain us this weekend

It was truly amazing how quick everything happened. 
Made it VERY evident that this all meant to be.
Bought and sold a house in about a week and half, yeah I would say so!
I was talking to a friend last tonight about the timing and what is next and was like erk where are we going or what are we going to be doing with all this stuff and then it hit me again!
  This is what we prayed for.  This is what we were blessed with and even though it looks like a long road ahead, it will continue to ALL work out!

Countdown to June 7....

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