Monday, May 20, 2013


was awesome!  access to the executive lounge: meaning going about 6 times to get snacks, pop, dessert, breakfast or just to check it out!

This weekend we headed down to for a SURPRISE visit to see Allyson and be able to spend a a truly fabulous weekend with her downtown [thanks to Josh and his wonderful planning!]

Our unplanned weekend turned into:
Sleeping in until 10 
strolls to breakfast
discovering the canal
which made us discover paddle boats
which made us discover 5 people bikes
and of course floor 31
and lots and lots of snacks and chatting!

And we are off in the MINI, can you say VERA!
 and snacks
 Great driving Kim and co-piloting KP

Out for our stroll past ANDY RODDICK 2006 siting :)
 through the urban market
 to the canal

 paddle boat time...limit 4 but who really listens to that

walk through the park, with the JW behind us
 biking time..3 miles no problem!
may have to jump out and push up the hills

all dressed up..time to hit floor 31, mall and chick-fil-a

 our absolutely fabulous accommodations :)

great way to sum up this weekend:
the only time I think we stopped talking was when we were sleeping or 30 minutes of naps on the way home in the car
Love these girls and love spending time with them!

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