Monday, September 19, 2011

three days later

and feeling very blessed and appreciated.
This part of turning 27 was not bad

September 17:
Brunch with Betsy and look who else 'happen' to be at Brandywine!
Very excited for this surprise
Lovely ladies
  at night destination was also a surprise
We went out to Douglas/Saugatuck for dinner and ice cream!
One happy girl with her very thoughtful bf
 This bowl was hand crafted by him for me and held a new camera!!! 
I LOVE to take pictures!!
September 18:
The official day
Was do what I wanted to day, thank you!!!!
APPLE picking and DOUGHNUT eating at Robinettes

 Please take note robinettes girl said the bag holds about 30 apples
jason and kari's picking skills...bag holds 44 apples!
 Plant buying and sitting in west michigans largest adirondack chair at flowerland
 September 19:
Family celebration
Great time with my lovely family at railside!!

The goods from the evening.
boot boots boots...not cowboy but riding boots BIG difference!
gap gift card
and OPIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the cake.......details to follow!!!

WOW!!!  again i say feeling very happy and thankful
year 27 here we come!

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