Friday, September 2, 2011

the adventures of puff dos

or shall i really say, the FIRST of many [i am sure] adventures regarding puff dos / Regina / Genie/ the newest addition to Betsy's new home / the clawless kitty cat! 
Here she is ready to rock and roll from kentwood to Kelsey!!!
The poor thing meowed the whole way home, if only she knew her newest mom is oh so kind and will treat her right!   

Now her other newest BFF on the other hand is oh so kind, but maybe a tad afraid....have you seen her just wait!  I have a feeling it may take time for us to become friends....
but I am willing to work on it.
Not willing enough to ride in the backseat when she was scared but willing enough to sit on the kitchen floor and comfort her with words to come out of the cat carrier [even when she hissed at me] 

Well in any case.  Welcome to the northeast side of town Puff Dos....
Lets be friends....ok...


  1. My girls and I got our nails done yesterday in OPI Elephantastic Pink. It is a FAB color, I love it so much I just ordered it online.

  2. Clawless wonder who only wants to be friends!!!!!! Glad you're willing to work on things!