Friday, July 15, 2011

if i would walk 500 miles

then I would start by determining the perfect destination.
the whippy dip or as the rest of the world knows the cone shop.
the way there was a piece of cake. We had ice cream on my mind [malt mix and chocolate], we had plenty to talk about [the bogo is departing from me without communication for almost 3 weeks btw Brazil and UK, tear] and it was a beautiful night.
the way that is another story, filled with many distractions
[1] speedy. Refrained from 44oz and went for 32oz, extra weight to power through
[2] ace hardware caught our eye...things we learned. They close at 8 but if you stand in front of the automatic door and act dumb [or just clueless in our case] they will let you in. They have a bridal registry. and best of all they do carry the scrubby we were in search of!
[3] upward battle of the hills and reminiscing of reeds lake walks
[4] smell of doughnuts, seriously you are killing me
[5[ over all fact by this point the old ladies [betty and dolores] were just tired!

once we arrived back to Betsy's house we decided that it would be a good [and patriotic] thing to go down to Betty Ford's memorial
So we put our walking shoes back and headed downtown [well we drove, then walked] I am glad we went down. It was neat to be able to see and experience.

Fun night all around, not going to lie. At one point I was [i say WAS because Betsy corrected me!] an athlete...not I am not sure legs were tired!

PS: I think I saw secret service at the Y this morning....he was a fitness manic! had to be secret service. If i never see him back at the y, I am confirming it as truth!


  1. Oh guy it's uphill the whole way back, and through torture (aka doughnutville)! Such fun!

  2. Ooooo I just LOVE that I dont have to validate my comment anymore!!! woop woop hollllllla!!!