Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeling like the jelly doughnut

Seems as though that is always the last one to go of the bunch when our favorite sales rep brings down the infamous golden ticket to get in the door MARGES! Yummmoo

Anyway the other day I felt like the Jelly doughnut, why might you ask??
It was because I felt like I was the last in the world to know something…..see as I was panning through the American girl doll catalogue [thanks to my parents who still get this catalogue] and discovered that my favorite doll Kirsten Larson wasn’t there.
I promptly emailed dear Betsy to ask what the issue was and she responded back that they are discontinuing dolls one at a time.
sad moment in American girl doll history.
How can this be???
How will all the new little girls of the world learn about the Pioneer Era?
It is a sad shame....I am still copping with it all…but I feel as time passes I will manage!

Sorry if I am the barrier of bad news….but someone had to tell you [right Betsy]

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