Wednesday, March 9, 2011

oohlalaaaaaaa to

Leave it to THE lady to put on an awesome show. Many wild outfits, lovely yellow hair, many calls for her little monsters and awesome dance party feeling. Great great great concert!
Plus Grand Rapids I have to say I am impressed in your gaganess. You did out do yourself in the dressing up. There were many wild outfits along! fake hair, short skirts, lighting bolts, tight leotards, HIGH heels....on and on!
still a lady loving fan!

Three days with g unit in viva las vegas!
did you see that i said three that is bc our plane was delayed until saturday. BOO BUT look at me: we made it into first class!

First Day:
The pool the pool is where we ended up spending most of our Sunday, it was super sunny but sunny enough to make us happy!

Headed out on the strip. We found the fountains, but only made it to 8:30 viva las Vegas! bahh [blame it on the time change!] Yup got 10 hours of sleep, thank you to the awesome remote control room darken shades!

Second day:
We ventured out to a romantic dinner at olives. Gwen is that why we got olive spread? it was delicious! After dinner we headed to the show 'O' it was awesome!

Third day:
Shopping in our bathing suits, who cares probably more clothes then most people had on! plus then we were ready just in case the sun came out...nope shuffle shuffle through the streets in the rain!

Gwen what did you find! giant pretzel! yum a pick me up snack!

Largest H&M JACKPOT number one of the day!

JACKPOT number two. Serendipity restaurant! so so so so so good! best sundae ever! obviously Before and After pictures!

JACKPOT number three! First time gambling in vegas! put in my dollar pulled the handle and jackpot! ding ding $40!! won 20 more at the fishy game. yes I am sure beginners luck, but I will take it!

Last bit of traveling through the strip:
do I look like a pirate at treasure island.
Gwen asking the front desk. umm where is the big ship! it does exist it does exist!

Hitting the candy shop! could you tell it was windy. so windy that is almost took us down!

This picture sums up the trip:
We used different land marks to determine our way back to our hotel.
Great trip with gwen. Chilling, exploring, relaxing and laughing our way through the town!


  1. I have been waiting for the Gaga update. Glad you girls had fun!

  2. I love the post!! I also adore the pic of you shopping in your swimsuit in the rain when EVERYONE else in the background is wearing jeans. True midwesterners... feel a little warmth and throw on the suit!!!

  3. This looks awesome! I soooo want to go there! Glad you had fun and a lot of LUCK too :)
    When are you vacationing up here in Boyne? Soon????