Thursday, March 24, 2011

hello sun, you are my friend

I enjoyed meeting you every morning!
Quick Vacation Recap:
Such a nice time away and such a beautiful place to be.
Day One: Arrival from Ft. Lauderdale to St Thomas to Virgin Gorda aka destination for five days. Helicopter over to island. Upon arrival took a quick tour of the resort then off on these boats to restaurant for lunch. After lunch it was first night of parties. Attire: Colorful Caribbean

Day Two: Lazy morning and tennis. Most of our travel around the resort was either walking or biking. This morning we came across this HUGE lizard thing! gross. Destination from there and for most of the day was split between beach and pool. Then off to island restaurant again. This night we didn’t think there was a party to attend, so we had a very chill evening!

Day Three: Lazy morning and off to oil nut bays pool. It was beautiful, spent most of the day relaxing there. Got back to our resort in time for the party. Attire: Yachting Smart . We had our own after party with the pilots and this lovely skeleton!

Day Four: Lazy morning and tennis. Off to the beach and pool. Yes I have a very antsy boyfriend but he managed to let me lay out some! Favorite quote. are you done. no. how much longer. AT least and one HOUR. ONE HOUR! how about seven minutes. NO! ha. He managed to take a hour and halfish nap! :) This day we also headed to another part of the island for a late lunch. Beautiful flowers and views on the way. Then the main event, the full moon party! Attire: Elegant White! This night the party was very neat! White everywhere. Great food and entertainment! Way to wrap up the week!

Day Five: Last day! Brunch and then the trip home!

What a beautiful relaxing place to visit. Since I am always into the rating system, if you ever have a chance to travel to the British Virgin Island I give this destination a thumbs up!

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  1. Your Elegant White is fantastic! Worth all 3.5 hrs! :)