Tuesday, March 22, 2011

back in the game

BVI update to come! Great time away, such a beautiful place!

So a dear friend usually asks me daily if I am workin it or working it? Meaning how much working is really going on....

So far today I have only been workin it by:
1. Chatting with Joey, the anticipation for the iphone is here! they are coming today folks! If any one is interested in buying an evo let me know. I guarantee you, you will not receive text messages! ha. that is my free advice to you! you are welcome!
2. been putting on a fashion show [apparently] been told that my attire resembled bohemian with docksiders. yeah interesting combo but I will be rockin it!
3. Paid all my bills that have been piled up on my coffee table
4. soon to be working on my third cup of tea...caffeine I heart you on a tuesday morning
5. measured my hips and waist with a metal tape measure. The beautiful dress is order! So excited for 9-10-11

Now must really start working it!

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