Thursday, June 15, 2017

going on a

aka going on an airplane
and SUPER excited about it
all according to Arie

Off to Richmond we go
pretty excited

and just as excited to a take bus to the rental car spot

 reunited with BIRDIE
so excited 
chased her everywhere
poor dog :) 

happy boy 

taking a walk with birdie and fam to the new pedestrian bridge 

pretty views

food truck pizza and a concert to end our night

yogurt breakfast

a little french open to start the morning

walked to a park

played outside our house

and through the cool old streets

then all dressed up for Aunties wedding

enjoying the cake

a little dancing 
and LOTS of running this little one partied hard with his cousins
kept the party going until 1am car ride and finally went to sleep

the next morning one last quick goodbye to Mina and family 
and birdie 

then it was back to the swooooooshhhh

and then home sweet home

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