Monday, June 19, 2017

celebrate x 3

celebration one
Who looks super ready!

but first a truck adventure
picked up the truck
drove to MES
loaded up this huge grill
drove home ekkk
and waited for papa to get home to head up north

we have arrived
and to the beach we go 

next morning
first job of the day
the beach

then it was time to play

celebration two
this two love birds 40th Anniversary!!!
hooray for them and wonderful example to all 
and 40 years no less :) 

 celebrated by walking to ice cream
my kind of celebration

Arie was a huge fan

then to the park

celebration three
Happy Father's Day
facetiming with cousins

celebrating this special dad and grandpa
thankful for him daily!

and celebrating this wonderful papa!
love the bond these two have!

douger the dad!

Arie loves these guys as much as I do!

exhausting fun weekend

and one more bit of celebrating
with dinner and a boat ride

we like celebrating three times over in one weekend!

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