Tuesday, April 11, 2017

headed to the sun

and we are officially road tripping

Richmond to Hilton Head Island
We left Monday morning and drove and drove
First rest stop in North Carolina 

thank goodness for YouTube vroom vroom movies 

bc mama is done riding in the back 

we arrived! 

first stop 
indoor pool bc it started to rain

the storm was rolling in

next morning taking it all in 

a beach walk with the mama

checking out the sandcastle 

then we walked down to the general store to get a cinnamon roll 

then off to the beach for the day

and the pool

a reading view for the mama

 and a nap for arie 

another hour on the beach

then it was back in the car
off to Jacksonville Beach, FL

we made it to the hotel and he was thrilled to be out of his seat

next morning
free breakfast Arie liked all the choices :) 

then it was off to the beach for the morning

watching the truck and police car go up and down the beach



back in the car for nap time
he was out in about 3 mins

awake for a treat

then mamas turn to nap

and we have arrived
St. George Island

tired buddy

our last stop of the trip...

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