Sunday, April 9, 2017

back in the game

I have been gone over two and half weeks [expect being home for 19 hour]
one week in Florida with Grammy and Grandpa
unpacked. washed and repacked
and then off on Spring Break Road trip with papa

So here are some of the pictures from our Florida Adventure with Grandma and Grandpa
we just had so much fun away
so fun to spend time with them and a great time being outside in the warm!
another great week in Key Colony

we are ready to go! Loved looking at the machines and airplanes

he did great on the flight down
and was SOOO excited to see grammy and grandpa
and grandpas truck

first sunrise

paddle tennis time for mama and grandma

he LOVED the beach and played and played

and he liked the pool


lots of park time

truck time

more pool time

sunset park

off to winn dixie and their tiny shopping carts

breakfast before the park again

back to the beach

pickle chips ...yuckk to the mama arie LOVED them ate the whole bag throughout the week

play hard, nap hard

walked to dinner one night on the water

playing at another park

lizard by the pool! EKK

watching Nascar with Grandpa

dancing with grammy at sunset park

earlier morning walk with grandpa

and another park!

waiting to do just what grandpa did
so went and sat just like him

so sweet

post nap snugs with mama

daily beach walk

one more night at sunset park

one more sunrise walk with grandpa

our last day driving to Fort Lauderdale to the airport
in grandpas truck hooray

a quick donut stop

off we go!
look who we found at the airport!
small world
use to work with Terry and have known them my whole life!
nice to chat with people before we boarded the plane

looking good before the melt down

lets just say we didn't make any friends on the flight home
but he was SO tired
and did sleep most of the way

we had SUCH a great time away
and was so good to be home to the papa!! 
thanks so much to grammy and grandpa for letting us visit!

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