Thursday, June 30, 2016

riding in the jet

with the top down!
Aries first ride in grandmas convertible :) 

he liked it until it got super breezy...hehe!

we rode all the way to the Meijer a mile :)
testing out the drivers seat
vroom vroom grammy

buckled in and ready to go 

then it was time to play
the tree house is always fun

then off to the sand box

 a little water table and then time to head home

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

baby snuggles

we were able to meet and snuggle Sarah's newest little one last week
he was so sweet
only decided to cry for the picture! 

Welcome to the world
Baby Finnley
June 18
Such a cute little peanut

and a pic with my baby
thanks to Chloe who wanted to take more photos

we had such a fun afternoon!
can't wait to hangout again

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

outside mama

it was being really nice out 
and we have been outside most of the day ;-)

 here are some of the things we have done
insert run to the door and wait

Strawberry picking 

making our self at home at the neighbors

trying out new our new toys

trying out the splash pad by our house

he wasn't to certain

the pool

mowing the lawn

trying out brews at the bridge
and ice cream

Saturday afternoon boating

Sunday at the pool

ended the weekend with a family sea doo ride

so glad that Arie loves the outdoors as much as the mama and the papa

Sunday, June 26, 2016

are you one are you two??

Miss Anne is now two and we celebrated with Tyler and Sam!  
so it was a big great party!

started the party out with a swim

ekkkk don't look mama!

then a little playing in the toy house

 present time

Birthday girl

birthday treat

grabbing a little more ice cream from grandpa and Ben

can't believe little sweets is 2!
we had lots of fun celebrating!

Friday, June 24, 2016

headed the the UP

from TC we were off to Mackinaw
and then Sault Ste Marie

First up the island
Got on the ferry with about 5 minutes to spare.  then we were off

ready to bike

Arie was probably the most excited!

first stop

arch rock

throwing a few stones before it was back to biking

second stop
half way around he island
bridge viewing

and a little more rock throwning

taking it all in!

third stop
the main street
we made it all the way around the island

checking out the horses

off for more biking
up to the grand

and then through the middle
with at couple of stops
the airport and the carriage museum

a little playing in the grass

and FUDGE!!!

back on the ferry 

checked into our hotel
which offered a water park!

and a quick dinner in PJs :) hey it is vacation

the next day we were off to the UP
one more look at the bridge before we went over

first stop
the soo locks

then a nice nap!

back to the locks 
this time there was a boat coming through

out to dinner

antlers :)

next morning 
hotel living is great isn't it mama

then we walked up to the park while papa went to a meeting 

then it was back in the car to head on home
papas form of road trip entertainment

don't worry we have bikes...says the papa
but we made it!

we had such a great time away
Arie loved Mackinac Island.  all the horses and biking 
it was so fun to see him explore new things and take it all in
love vacation and time away with the three of us!