Wednesday, June 22, 2016

papa and grandpa

we celebrated Father's Day weekend in TC and it was beautiful 
we packed in lots of fun in a short amount of time!

here is goes....

Friday nights beautiful sun set

up and at it and ready to play

time to help grandpa on the 4-wheeler!  he was in his glory

then a bike ride to the downtown

waiting for the splash pad
we waited and waited but it was broken!  
bummer!  good thing he is happy playing on rocks :) 

and walking out on the dock

then it was back to the beach post nap
a little paddle boating 


then lots of playing on the stand up paddle board

out to ice cream at the moomers farm
Aries first solo ice cream cone
he did pretty good.  had some help from the mama and the grandpa :) 

then back for a little playing
now he pats the floor when he wants people to come and sit by him
how can you resit
even it is in the entry way!

then it was HAPPY FATHERS DAY papa
This little guy loves his papa so much!
so cute to see.  makes the mamas heart melt!

he also LOVES the grandpa!
they are two little buddies!
so thankful for all the time they can spend together!
and thankful to have a great dad like the douger!

and one with the mama bc we love her too! :) 

then we were off to our next adventure
a Pater vacation...Mackinaw here we come!

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  1. The skin tone difference on that paddle boat (crying/laughing emoji)!!