Monday, April 11, 2016

the whole world

went on Spring Break 2016 to Chicago
there were a lot of people but it didnt stop us!
we had a great time

Friday we went to Oakbrook and Ikea
found a little table for Arie, which I was looking for
and even swam in the hotel pool!

Ready to hit the road


Saturday morning
woke up 'early' chicago time
so a little cartoons will do
then off to breakfast with friends

Lincoln Park Zoo

Then off to Shedds


the reef

Then the Planetarium 
which was so fun to play on the door while papa waited in another line 

loved this play place
one of his favorite spots of the trip
[and most stairs at any of the places we went...nothing like traveling to chicago for a good flight of stairs ;-) haha]

hanging in the hotel 

then Millennium Park before dinner

Then Chicago Pizza at Ginos East 

Oh Happy morning buddy

extra happy bc I let him play in the water

The off to the Art Institute 

after a long couple of days 
he napped for all but a 1/2 hour on the ride home
thank you buddy for that!

we had so much fun!
we will be back Chicago!

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