Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Arie and I took our first ABC moms outing 
felt like a field trip 
to the dairy farm

1. It SMELLED horrible..everywhere we went. ha
 2. Arie liked climbing on the feed near the cows, the hayride and the cheese snack at the end the best
3. may have been better if he wasnt in need of a nap...little crabby 
4.  we really like abc moms and were still glad we went!

here are the pictures

hayride time

checking out the cows
there were SO many

playing on the feed with one of our friends from our group

starting to be done with it
not wanting to feed the baby cows :)

recovering with a snack

and then we headed home
glad we went on this field trip!

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  1. 'Recovering with a snack' story of my life! :)