Saturday, May 30, 2015

testing it out

and think I am a fan
of the MVP outdoor pool
This week my parents, Ben, Arie and I went there to try it out
Ben loved it
Arie was a little hot :) but good!
and the rest of us had fun!
we will for sure need to do it again

Watching all the kids play!

Now that is a good grandpa
holding an umbrella by the kiddie pool

Testing out the water

taking a little break

playing with the mama

watching the kids again

hoping for a lot of sunny days this summer!

Friday, May 29, 2015


and dying laughing

J and I went to the annual Econ Club dinner
This years speaker was Derek Jeter
He was very interesting!
glad we went

he wasn't the reason for the earthquake or the laughing
I was checking on how Arie was doing with my parents
and this was my dads response 
HAHA Grandpa! 
thanks for watching my earthquake son! 

anyone want to take turn ;-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

lets give

it a try

......the walker Parade
with our cousins in it

Arie loved people watching

real food, rice cereal
I needed a moment.  Can he really be old enough to try food :-/
here we go...

ready or not 

the first taste

he did a great job...seemed pretty indifferent at first

look at me.  I am a big boy

and then he was done!

second try he was ready/excited to sit up in his chair
and he seemed to actually eat it for a few bites

....oh just chilling on the couch
who put you there, the papa!
i came arond the corner and just had to laugh...he was waiting patiently to eat :) 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

sunday funday

yippeee for a long weekend with the papa home

started out with the morning with smiles and the French Open

Then off to church
while wearing my first pair of jeans!

play time and giggles

look at me!! I am working hard

out to the garage to help the papa with his project

more playing and another outfit...lots of laundry needed today ;-)

enjoying the outdoors

off to Bens house
He was so cute wanting to help Arie take a nap
he was rocking him and singing rock a bye baby
checking on him, bringing him toys 
melt the aunties heart

showing arie his new toy from Uncle Jasons trip!

such a great day! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

a new way

of doing things

Like planting flowers with an assistant ;-)

with a car seat, bouncy seat, bag of toys and diapers

wearing a life jacket

the life jacket was so so 

going out to dinner
aka in the park

we had a great time on this sunny Saturday
and long weekend! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

this and that

and the random things that we do during the day :)

We will like to play with the sheets while the mama tries to make the bed

 We like to play in our jumper

we like to play in grandmas jumper

we like to wear special shirts in honor of papas return HOME!

 we like to hold/'kiss' the mamas face

We like to play in our activity mat but sitting up

we like to try to sneak a peek of the TV, but mama doesnt allow it

we like to scoot in circles

and this is just a few of the things we like to do in the day :) 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

oh you're funny

funny funny
is making a major delayed appearance

I wrote a song about a tortilla's actually more of a wrap 

how do you get an alien to sleep??
you rocket

What do you call an alligator in a vest??
an investigator 

there you have it
now time to laugh :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

applicable quote

to start this day
'It's our job to let our children grow up, to let them become big and smart and grown-up, but it's so tempting to keep them little forever, or at least to try' - Shauna Niequist

Probably should read this everyday :)
Today is Aries 4 month Birthday...and I would LOVE to keep him little forever
I love everything about him...even his screaming fits
and I want him to stay small forever, but my mom always reminds me...each stage can be more and more fun.  Yes I know he is only celebrating his 4th month bday...but time is flying and I would just like to say HOLD ON!  and I am just being sentimental in general, give me a break haha

so here is to letting you grow another month older Arie ;-)

This month.....
One: You giggle so much more.  If I smile at you [and you are in a happy mood] you will usually smile back and give some pretty good belly laughs
Two:  you have discovered to roll from your back to tummy.  and you do it ALL the time and are very pleased with your self each time.... you even do it in your crib in the middle of the night [which need to learn how to flip it back...jk]
Three: you for sure recognize me and my voice...sometimes too much...can I just leave the room for a minute [mostly like this just when you are tired, so I will cut you a break]
Four:  Your [long] napping has seemed to go out the window this month...but we hope to find it next month haha, unless you are at the gym knock on sleep the whole time I am there.
five:  you let me celebrate Mothers day this year and thanks to steal my heart daily

We will go to the doctor this week to get your stats and your shots and I hope you wont hate me as much as you did last month and I hope only one of us cries :)

Love you little buddy

your favorite picture time! 

he just LOVES his hands

and tipping over

and that is a wrap...a tired pup to deal with