Sunday, May 17, 2015

we made it

to Traverse City this weekend 
barely ;-)
the ride up was an adventure
between the car making a funny noise around cedar springs
a stop in cedar springs at a ford dealership...may be the fuel pump
back to GR to tony betten
grandpa back home to get my car
back to tony betten, load up and go
then a feeding back at burger king in cedar springs bc there was so much of a delay
about 15 minutes later a stop at rest stop to tend to a blowout
and the rest of the way was smooth
from 3:45 to 9ish we made it to TC!
Arie was a trooper 
and the rest of us just laughed, cause there was nothing we could do

The rest of the weekend was smooth sailing

Arie wasn't even fazed by the car troubles

 enjoying a cat nap with a view

TC in May...may require a fuzzy bear suit 

Saturday was soccer day
Lauren playing, Arie 'watching'

Go Lauren Go!
Go Harry Go!

Arie testing out his soccer skills

playing back at the condo

out on a walk

testing out the larger deck! 
bring on the eating outside

and a little more soccer on Sunday
Thanks to these guys for letting me come!
it was a nice weekend away!


  1. It was really fun! And some really great soccer games! we made our steps every day!

  2. I wish more of life required a fuzzy bear suit. And, an extended deck? How'd that get cleared with the condo, ahem, people?