Monday, December 21, 2015

one and one

makes eleven :)
Arie is ELEVEN months old
help my heart...cause we all know what is next!

here is holding still for a second

and here are the outtakes 

man it is fun to clap the ones together :)

and the eleven month old facts
1. he dropped in weight this month...20lbs 4 oz [maybe from being sick...lack of eating or more active...not sure]  30 in long
2. he is wearing 12 month clothes and started to wear 18 months...especially in PJS
3. he likes to explore and stand up on his own.  tries to carry things and walk [the walking thing went away but in the last week...seems even more interested in it]
4. he has increased his clingyness or cuddle factor...however you want to look at it :)  which when you have nothing to do it is a great thing :)
5.  the stranger danger has appeared this least at nursery drop off..even cried at the gym [which has never happend] but we dont let it stop us!
6. very into saying da da da dada dada and baba ba ba 

this little boy is so lovable and brings so much joy to the mama and papa

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  1. stranger danger :) welp! sorry! Mama's gotta work it! :)