Tuesday, August 4, 2015

film festival

weekend in Traverse City
to see Poverty, Inc.
Very well done and eye opening

PLUS we got to spend he weekend with grandma and grandpa

headed up...think I have enough toys to keep me occupied 

a walk downtown on a Friday night
I love this view
[a little sunny!]

taking a drink to start off the Saturday 

Playing on the beach

he has everyones attention :) 

walking on the beach before the storm

packing up to go home 
but wait you are staying

and the storm hit while in the bed bath
the power keep going on and off

eating by the window after the power went out
he doesn't mind

catching a few Z's in the mamas bed! 
on vacation only

playing while mama and grandma clean up outside!

a bit of unexpected with the storm
but still another great weekend in TC! 

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