Saturday, August 22, 2015

cousins part two

we just wrapped up cousin time with Js family

started out with a few days at out house
Carrot cake birthday celebration for a four year old 

sharing toys :)

Trying out the MVP

Then it was off to Traverse City for 10 days [for me and Arie at least]
beach time

celebrated turning 7 months old!

he successfully crawled to his reward the window and curtains

loving the outdoors

so thankful for grammy staying all 10 days with us! 

the sunset was just beautiful

cottage time


food trucks on a Wednesday night

and shopping downtown

new pretty flower

celebrating Js birthday!
happy happy birthday papa

the whole family

one last beautiful day at the cottage

one last day
celebrating papas real birthday
a boys kayaking trip
arie fell asleep :) 

thanks grammy and grandpa for letting us stay with you!

happy real birthday J

 plum tuckered out

home sweet home

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  1. Real cute. Real cute. Everything. All around. :)