Sunday, April 19, 2015

serious business

turning three months old is serious business if you look at Aries expressions

it is also surprising [to Arie and the mama]

and just silly

and just plain crazy!
each month I can he be???
I mean three months...really! :) 

This month has been filled with more discovery and more routine
1.  Arie continues to enjoy tummy time and even surprises himself when he rolls over
2.  he likes to coo and talk and even giggle, sometimes he gets sooo excited he gets the hiccups
if you leave him on his activity mat he will have wonderful conversations even with himself
3.  maybe I am bias but I really believe he knows who his mama and papa are
4.  he likes to play on his activity mat, read books, play with rattles [and sofie] and listen to my lovely singing ;-) 
5.  he still is wearing 3 month clothing, but I am thinking not to much longer
6.  he weighs about 13.5 lbs [according to our scale]
7. he [knock on wood] has been sleeping pretty good at night!  and 2-3 good naps a day, very thankful!
8.  went to his first 'day care' at kids stuff at the MVP!  we go at nap time so usually sleeps the whole time :) 
9.  he enjoys being held up like he is standing...almost get a 'i am a proud big boy face'  always make me smile

and that is a wrap on the newest Arie news!

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