Thursday, April 9, 2015

here comes the sun

was actually sang this on Easter Morning at the Kurk of the Keys church we went too
[interesting experience all around, but arie got a treat bag with candy haha and did an egg hunt]

We did also see the Sun each day in Florida and had a wonderful vacation
I was very nervous how things would go [he did great on the plane...cried the last one once we not bad]
but he did great!  We all had a relaxing time 
played, napped, swam, walked and just bummed around
so thankful for this time with J and with my parents
lets do it again!

and now to the VERY long post of documentation of all of Arie's 'first' on vacation ;-)

First plane ride!

just before the successful blowout! ;-)
changing a baby on a plane seat...something new everyday

First time out side by the beach!

and his first sunset, in sunset park

lots of fresh air
getting to share a room with mama and papa
all new things :)

Walking to see the manatee and then out to the beach  

 the papa was awesome all week...stayed inside while Arie napped and played
it was so nice...i was able to enjoy the sun!

wearing the sharky outfit

playing by the pool with Grandma and mama

and out by the beach with the grandpa

trying the pool for the first time

out to eat

resting on the grandpa...loving from both of them

another day of playing with grandma

and another try in the pool..he liked it much better the second time

family photo time

When we arrived in Florida my parents informed J and I we had one night for a date night
that was soooo kind of them! We had a great time at on outdoor restaurant! 

New hotel and more beach time
this hotel had a nice hut outside that Arie could stay under, so the papa joined more outdoor time

testing out the ocean

Time to watch MSU...and take a picture for Grandma great

Easter morning at the church egg hunt

family picture

Arie with his First chocolate bunny..the mama loved having to eat it for him 

his special Easter outfit

 beach walk with the hubby

one more sunset

Then a walk to see a house that had a TON of Easter decorations

and a picture in front of the beautiful flowers
more indoor playing with the papa on our last day with grandma and grandma
then it would be time for them to head to GR and for the Paters to head to Miami to fly out the next day

goodbye grandma and grandpa...we had such a great time!
see you back in GR

We got to our last hotel and i spent some time at the pool
and then J decided to visit the Coral Castle
aka a middle of no where site
that the tour guide thought was amazing
and well.......i have never heard of the coral castle, so enough said...hahah

and Arie's last night out to eat with no pants
that would because he decided to have a blowout and mama didnt have a change of clothes
all is vacation and warm

and the last ride plane ride home...slept this way from Atlanta to GR!

so so thankful for the memories that were made!
will cherish for a LONG time!


  1. Me too! Lots of fun! SO glad you guys came!

  2. The Easter Egg hunt cracks me up...the eggs are everywhere! Not a very hard hunt :)