Monday, September 29, 2014

not the results

we were looking for at the Tigers game
but we still had a great time

Good thing they pulled it off Sunday :-)

We started off the fun at Greek Town for deep dish pizza

Then it was off to the game
J is saying Lets Go Tigers ;-)

Lets play ball

Pretty sun set

they may not have won, but we still had a good time
bring on the playoffs!  Go Tigers!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

happy city

It is that time of year again
where everyone is talking about art
#artprize that is!

so fun to be able to enjoy it

J and I took advantage this weekend
we walked and walked and it was beautiful 

Check it out
This was at the GRAM

One of Js friends in the Amway

Our city really is beautiful 

Very neat mosaic in the Amway made from shoe leather

another beautiful stain glass in Devos

oh love haha we were 'celebrating' our anniversary ;-) 

one of my favorite
in the UICA made of all paper

and the other piece that goes with it

We got to see a lot and there is a lot more to see!

Friday, September 26, 2014

#the7314 demo

is BACK!
  feeling it is time to get some more projects done

Here is the before

and after
[stuff on the shelf is on trial :) not sure yet]

and the lockers are ready
just need some baskets

 and the wood for the table dropped off 
and the table is in progress!

we are getting there! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

twenty two

September 22 makes it our two year anniversary

So thankful for my hubby and what he means to me
it has been a year of change, growth, love and support

Thanks to J for always being by my side

Looking forward to year three and ALL it has to bring

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

two day notice

we had a last minute trip to NYC this past weekend
for Willas baptism

It was a nice time in the city and getting to see our niece and nephew

Friday we got in and went to dinner and had ice cream!

Saturday we {J, Marcia and Ray] played tourist
We started by visiting One World Trade Center

The fountains

Then we headed over to Battery Park
and got on the Staten Island Ferry
View of the city

Lady Liberty

and a stop for lunch while waiting for the return ferry
Yes please to a fresh chocolate croissant

One more stop to Time Square
it was CRAZY busy!

and then we crashed!

 Sunday we attended the Baptism

My oh my they are getting big!
and cute if I may say so :) 

Then spent some of the afternoon walking around Brooklyn
There is a place that sets up a ton of food booths!  So we had lunch

Grilled corn on a stick :) Ok! 

On last look at the skyline before we were off

Nice time away! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

another decade...

ready or not here I come
30 30 30!
30th birthday...or 29 plus 1 [as I like to call it!]

and cant think of a better way to celebrate than many different days

starting out with dinner with my parents at ARNIES.
my pick...take home CAKE included. 

The mama and her cute new outfit!

and the special flaming, singing, spinning candle!
a little bigger flame than expected 

The actual BIRTHDAY was spent going out to eat with Js parents
and the start of Bible study
it was a busy day but filled with LOTS of texts, FB posts and love
Thanks to dear friends and family

Bring on 30! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

museum wedding

This past weekend we went to Js cousins wedding at the GR Museum
I had never been to a wedding there before and it was really nice
also got to ride the carousel

and they had cookies, cheesecake and cupcakes!

Happy Wedding Day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

walk with a purpose

for JDRF walk 
for sweet Josie!

Great morning and turn out
Her parents were able to raise a lot of money, which was so great!

Ready to walk

The family

Go team Josephine!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

no clue

100% surprised
Friday night I went to what I THOUGHT was a gender reveal to our parents
turned out that J and some other very special people were planning a surprise birthday!!
I was shocked.  No one spilled the beans or even came close to it
I am beyond thankful for that night and it was so much fun to have so many special people there!
J out did himself this year by far!

In shock!  

So grateful and thoughtful! Knows how to make a happy wife! 

Excited to see this peanut when I first walked in

Celebrating with the madre and A LOT of good food!
cookie dough cupcake frosting YES PLEASE

Super awesome family

Lots of special friends!

Love these guys!

and these!  
Overwhelmed with Love sums it up!
Such a fun night and such a fun way to be able to tell everyone!

Baby P is a He
Here would be the brownies I made to bring to the gender reveal
not necessary haha

and here would be a pic of the HE bean 
yes slightly creepy looking bc Mr. was already stubborn and would not flip around from being breech
so no profile pic selfie yet...have to go back in 8 weeks and hope he cooperates :) 

Bring on the BLUE!