Sunday, August 17, 2014

no sun

but still lots of fun
traverse city weekend
Ben and Anne style :)

It was so fun being able to spend an extended amount of time with them and their parents and their grandparents

we did not let the weather hold us back
we still biked 
went to the park
lots of cuddles
some sailed. some went to the mall
played games, toys and watched tv

so yes we did have LOTS of fun!

Who can hold Miss Anne first
Me me me!

That is the life

we shared with Uncle Jason

He loves his grandma and books

Boys only sailing

parking lot biking

Time at the train park

Ben really wants to learn to read
uncle Jason showing him an app to learn

more cuddle time

more reading
[even if it is the map ;) hehe]

he also loves his grandpa! 

family picture time
love these guys

some super great grandparents
and parents!

Thanks for a super fun Traverse City Weekend

1 comment:

  1. the mall?! did you buy something from 1999??? ;) hehehe looks like tons of fun!!!