Monday, August 25, 2014

clark the cubby bear

was just one famous person we meet on Saturday
we took at day trip to Chicago to see the Cubs
with Js parents and Aunt and Uncle [His cousin works for the Cubs, so visited with him also]
Such a fun day despite the rain and the fact we only saw 2 and 1/2 innings before it down poured
but we still got to hit MI Ave, see the bean and go out to eat
great day all around!

First stop the Bean

Second stop Wrigley Field

and the famous Cubby Bear!

Getting ready for the game

Play ball

and then the rain came
so we tried to wait it out
but went to dinner instead
Free Birthday ice cream for J 

one more stop
the view from Js cousins condo

next stop home at 1 a.m.
long day but lots of fun!  

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